Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Post-California Workouts

After getting back from California last week, I found that I was pretty blitzed from all the travel and not in much of a mood to work out.  But even though some days I couldn't push myself to do a full-on, heart pumping routing, I still managed to do a little something every day for the rest of the week.  Something is always better than nothing at all, right?  Even if it's just a quick routine in the living room in front of the TV ...
(I got home from California very late Tuesday evening, which is why my workout recap starts on Wednesday of last week.) 
Wednesday - tabata core workout using my tabata timer app - planks, crunches, scissor kicks. The tabata timer gives you an alternating 20 second / 10 second count for eight rounds - total of 4 minutes.  The idea is you do 20 seconds "on" of your activity and 10 seconds "off".  It might not sound like 4 minutes of activity is that tough but, trust me, whatever you're working will be burning by the end.  I did three tabata rounds, one each of plank, crunches, and scissor kicks, for a total of 12 minutes.  Not only did my abs kill the next day, but my legs did too!  (I'm thinking that was the scissor kicks!) 
Thursday - pushup workout (another living room workout!).  I alternated sets of 10-rep rounds between standard pushups (on my knees - I've lost my groove from last year's pushup challenge) and bench dips.  I ended up doing a total of 50 standard pushups and 40 bench dips. 
Friday - after a couple half-hearted workout days in a row I decided to really step it up Friday by doing a 30-minute interval workout on the treadmill followed by 2 rounds of ten reps: wide squat, narrow squat, turned out squat, and calf raise, all on leg press at 70 lbs.  Plus 2 rounds of ten reps: bicep curls, bent over row, and shoulder press - all with two 10 lb barbells. 
Saturday - 2 mile walk to library plus 30 minutes on the gym stationary bike.
Sunday - 2 mile run outside then into the gym for 90 squats on leg press - narrow, wide, turned out (80 lbs). 

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