Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Return of Vegan Brie and the Chicken Ring

Two weekends ago saw the return of a couple of old favorites - vegan brie and the chicken ring.  Unfortunately, neither of these old goodies turned out quite the way I was hoping.
My vegan brie recipe comes from the Non-Dairy Formulary (in fact, it's still the only recipe I've actually made from the book yet), and I loved the way it came out last time.   But when I went to make it again, I realized that I had misread the recipe and completely omitted an ingredient.  The recipe reads "1/4 cup tapioca flour plus more for dusting" and then the text of the directions say "add remaining ingredients".  So somehow I read this and interpreted it as "no tapioca in the mix, just use it for dusting".  Obviously I realized this was a mistake and proceeded to add it on my second go.  Since I'd still liked it the first time, I fully expecting it to work brie miracles this round.  No such luck.  The texture of my tapioca floured brie was way too sticky and off.  Of course I have no clue why this would be - you would think adding a dry ingredient would do just the opposite.  But I'm definitely not going to make it per the books instructions again.  I'll stick with my mess-up version, thank you very much. 

Fortunately it was still more than tasty enough for delicious brie and apple sandwiches!  Yeah, I ate these for dinners three nights in a row.  Yum!

Meanwhile, right when my vegan brie was starting to run out I decided that the best way to make up for a weekend full of carbalicious sandwiches was to make another carb-heavy treat - the chicken ring.  Yes, that ring of Pillsbury goodness reared its delicious head again!  I mean, seriously ... what's not to love?!  Crescent rolls, broccoli, red bell pepper, gardein chicken, mayo, and cheese! 
But when I went to pull out my trusty Daiya, I found that alas I had inadvertently started on a homemade vegan blue cheese project.  Yup, it was completely covered in mold.  As exciting as it might have been to see where this vegan blue would take me, I decided to play it safe and toss it out.  Without a cheese component for the ring that was already underway, I fell back on the only thing I had in the fridge - parmesan.  Turns out I probably should have just run my lazy butt to the store.  I added the same amount of parmesan that the recipe called for of regular cheese, and it was too salty.  In fact, I realized after the fact that I had actually forgotten to add salt, though the recipe called for it, and it was still too salty.  Whomp whomp.  Not so salty of course that I didn't devour the whole ring in just a few days.  But enough that I'll be sure that next time I actually look at my Daiya before I start laying out my crescent roll triangles.  And yes, there will definitely be a next time.  Long live the chicken ring!

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