Thursday, May 29, 2014

How Far Would You Walk for a Burrito?

Last week's workouts really revolved around the elliptical machine.  On weekdays it's hard to exercise outside because I don't have enough time after work before it gets dark.  But trying out a lot of elliptical routines in a row and noting my calorie burn each time really helped me figure out how to get the most of a 30-minute workout.  Though I realize the calorie numbers on the machine aren't necessarily the most accurate, I can at least assume all the figures are equally inaccurate, so I can still use them to determine relative intensity. 
Recap from last week:
Monday - off
Tuesday - 30 minutes on elliptical set to manual at level 6
Wednesday  - 30 minutes on elliptical set to manual at level 5
Thursday  - off
Friday - 30 minutes on elliptical set to random hill starting at level 5 but increasing to level 7.  This was far worse than manual for calorie burn (I wouldn't have thought so!)
Saturday - 6.8 mile walk (round trip) to California Tortilla.  I often like setting a destination for a walk (like heading to the library), especially one that's far away.  It forces you to keep going when you want to stop, plus it makes you feel like you accomplished something other than just your exercise for the day.  And California Tortilla makes a pretty good burrito - though I'm not sure I'd walk much further for one.  My feet were pretty sore by the time I got home!
Sunday - 30 minutes on elliptical - back to manual setting at level 5

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