Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ski Weekend ... Wait, ... What?!?!

Wow, talk about a belated post!  Imagine my surprise when I looked at my "draft" blog posts and saw this sucker lurking there!  It's a post from way back in January when Josh and I headed off on a ski weekend to Wisp Resort.  We stayed one night and skied two days.  The whole weekend was my Christmas present to Josh.  It was sort of a two-fold present, because Josh loves to ski and I pretty much hate it.  That's real love, isn't it? :) 
Fortunately for me, though we skied most of the weekend, there were a few other perks that I got to enjoy as well.  Like our fabulous cabin at the Lodges at Sunset Village!  We got a whole cabin to ourselves, complete with kitchen and dining areas, living room, and sleeping area.  Though the bathroom was the only room actually fully walled off, the studio cabin was huge and had anything you could want to stay for quite a while.  I actually felt bad we were only there for one night. 
Dinner on our first night was at the Mountain State Brewing Company, where we enjoyed a beer flight and some delicious pizza (half no cheese, of course). 

The next day it was back to ski, ski, skiing.  Fortunately, Josh and I figured out a system where he would go down a nice, easy run with me once, then we would ride up the lift together, he would go down a scary, death-defying type of run while I waited nervously at the top, then he'd come up and meet me and we'd go down a nice bunny slope again.  The system seemed to work well - both to balance Josh's desire to actually get some difficult skiing into his weekend, and my desire to not crumple into a pile of tears and nerves (and probably broken bones!). 

When my nerves got to be a bit frayed on the second day we stopped into the lodge for a breather and to enjoy some hot ramen from the cafeteria.  I thought the ramen bar was really a brilliant choice for a food offering at a ski lodge.  It's hot and satisfying on a cold day, plus is full of protein and carbs to help you recover from all the exertion (or the mental exertion, in my case).  Plus it's got something for everyone, even the vegans!  I topped my ramen bowl with tofu, broccoli, edamame, scallions, black sesame seeds, and lots of hot sauce.  Delicious!  And while I didn't necessarily have any more courage once we headed back out for the afternoon, I certainly wasn't hungry. 
And even though I did end up with a crazy snowboarder crashing into me later that afternoon, I obviously survived the trip, which is the most important thing.  Maybe someday I'll even give Josh another gift of my presence on a ski trip ... or maybe I'll try to convince someone else to go with him :P 

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