Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mediterranean Salad

Since returning from California (where I might have overindulged a bit and gained a teensy bit of weight), I've been trying to up the healthy-factor of my meals more than ever.  But since I also don't want to get bored eating steamed broccoli three times a day, it's important to balance nutrition with fresh, delicious ingredients. 
This Mediterranean salad is a great example of just such a recipe.  It's got protein from both beans and the hummus (used for dressing) and is packed with healthy veggies.  I've already eaten it twice in the last week and am planning to have it again for dinner tonight!  Plus, it's quick and easy to prepare.  What's not to love?
Mediterranean Salad
Lettuce mix of choice (I used half Spring mix and half baby spinach)
Grape tomatoes
Green olives (I used green olives stuffed with jalapenos)
White beans
Toss everything together and enjoy! 

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