Thursday, September 26, 2013

Weekend Trip to Phili

Over the weekend Josh and I took a quick, overnight trip to Philadelphia to attend a friend's wedding.  I'm sure Panda's not pleased that we keep messing up her life by going out of town, but fortunately things will be calming down soon (though not this weekend either!).  Luckily for us, Phili's only a 2 1/2 hour drive away, so the travel was a lot easier than a lot of our other traveling has been lately (Scotland, OBX, Rehoboth, New York ... whew!). 
On the way to Phili we stopped not too far from home to get a card for the couple, run to the bank for toll money, and grab lunch.  We had planned to stop at Potbelly for lunch, especially after my wonderful experience at the Dulles Airport location, but when we saw a Cosi in the same complex I just couldn't say no.  When I was in college I interned at a law firm, and when the lawyers used to send the lowly interns out to get their lunch at Cosi I was so excited to grab tons of free samples of Cosi bread - aka, the best bread ever!  It was especially great because I didn't have a lot of money (unpaid internship and all), so those samples would often be my actual lunch.  That and free hot chocolate from the kitchen! 
But now that times aren't as tough, I can indulge in an actual Cosi meal myself from time to time!  My favorite is the Signature Salad, minus the blue cheese.  Even without the cheese this salad has tons to offer - greens, red grapes, pears, craisins, and pistachios.  Plus, of course, yummy Cosi bread on the side.   
I was a little worried that the Cosi salad would end up being my last meal of the day and I wouldn't have anything to eat at the wedding, but that was far from the truth!  I checked out the buffet menu during the cocktail hour, while I scarfed down fresh fruit and veggies, plus hummus and crackers.  The menu inlcuded steamed veggies, a cheeseless salad, and pasta marina (also with no cheese!).  I'm guessing someone of great significance to either the bride or groom (or both) is lactose intolerant ...  But yay for me!  I had a ton of food for dinner, plus while everyone else ate cake and other delicious-looking desserts, I still got to indulge my sweet tooth by busting into the table place cards that were filled with dark chocolate.  How cute are those?! 
The next day we spent a little time with friends roaming around Philadelphia before driving home.  We stopped at about four different food places grabbing various options along the way, but I didn't find much to eat until we used Yelp to find HipCityVeg, an entirely vegan cafe with a pretty varied and tasty-looking menu. 
I immediately honed in on the Curry Tofu Wrap, while Josh ordered the Zippy Burger.  Their desserts and shakes looked great as well, but we didn't indulge.  Though the cafe has a few tables, we had to take our food to go because we had 5 in our group and there wasn't enough room - especially because Josh and I were the only ones eating HipCityVeg food. 
Sadly, Josh really didn't care for his burger.  In fact, he ended up pulling out the tempeh patty about half way through and tossing it completely.  He finished the bun and fixings, but needless to say was not pleased.  Though I didn't get to try the burger, I really enjoyed the tofu wrap.  Because we ate in the park, I never ended up adding the raita that came in a separate container - too much mess!  About half way through I gave Josh the rest of my sandwich to make up for his burger, but I definitely could have eaten the whole thing!  Too bad there isn't one of these in DC ... I would definitely go there all the time!

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