Thursday, September 5, 2013

You Take the High Road and I'll Take the Low Road ...

Actually, I'll be taking a plane ... to Scotland! 

That's right, friends, I'll be out of the blogger zone for the next couple weeks as Josh and I travel around the land of my forefathers (my grandfather was born in Scotland).  But before I head off I have time for one last little post, so I thought I'd share a bit about one of the most important elements of travel - the food! 
I already dropped the ball to start the trip because I didn't book our vegetarian and vegan meals for our flight to England far enough in advance.  I was told by a British Airways person that they may have extra meals that we might be able to snag, but I think my chances at a vegan one are slim.  Fortunately, I've got us covered with meals for the trip back. 
Of course we can always take our chances finding food at the airport (which is often more easily said than done).  But what's even easier is packing a few snacks to stash in my carry-on to tide us over on the long flight.  I stopped by Whole Foods yesterday to pick up a few items for our hunger arsenal. 
In my large purse, you'll find:
1. A sweet trail mix - chocolate chips, almonds, peanuts, and dried raspberries;
2. A savory trail mix - sesame sticks, craisins, and almonds; and
3. A wild card - Aurora Southwest Salad Fixings
Yeah, the salad fixings seemed odd to me too.  But the package says you can use it to top a salad or eat plain as-is (which is the way we'll be going, obviously).  The salad fixings include dried black beans, dried corn, seeds, and various seasonings.  Hey, maybe the flight attendants will have some plain salad on board? :) 
See you in two weeks!

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