Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back on Track With Healthy Dinners

After ten days of overindulging in Scotland, both Josh and I were eager to get ourselves onto a healthier routine as soon as we got home.  We arrived into DC late Monday night, but fortunately I took Tuesday off from work so  that I could get myself back on US time, and take care of things around the house like unpacking more and getting groceries.  But of course the first order of business was to retrieve Panda from Josh's parents' house and cuddle a ton.  Even though she gave me the cold shoulder when I first picked her up, she warmed up eventually and spent most of the rest of the afternoon snuggling.  She definitely missed us while we were gone! 
I quickly made a dinner plan to get us through the rest of the week with a bunch of healthy meals (plus one meal out for me for Thursday evening's book club).  To start things off on Tuesday night, I made a healthy salad of romaine, grape tomatoes, pine nuts, cucumber, vegan Parmesan, and olive tapenade which served as the dressing.  I also toasted some sliced bread brushed with the water from a jar of diced garlic - instant garlic bread! 
I kept to the salad kick for dinner Wednesday night by mixing up a Southwestern-inspired salad of romaine, black beans, canned corn, grape tomatoes, avocado, leftover Southwestern salad topping that we didn't finish on the trip, and a "dressing" made from vegan sour cream, lime juice, and Chalula.  This one was so delicious I made it again last night for dinner too! 

For Friday night I made an oldy-but-goody, Thai tofu with broccoli and edamame.  This one is so simple, but healthy and delicious!  Just press tofu then pan fry it a few minutes on either side.  Toss in broccoli and frozen edamame for a few minutes at the end, and serve over bean threads that have been softened then tossed with red pepper flakes and sesame oil.  I could eat this meal almost every night!  

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