Friday, September 27, 2013

Scottish Shortbread Cookies

Before our move to Silver Spring, I spent a little time going through our cookbooks to see if each one was worth keeping or if it should be passed on to Goodwill.  When I picked up the Williams-Sonoma Cookies book I got from a friend in college, I really didn't think I would be keeping it.  After all, you can find pretty much any cookie recipe you want online, and I figured everything in the W-S book would be full of eggs, milk, and butter.  And for the most part, a lot of the recipes were.  But there were a few recipes that seemed like they could be easily veganized (substituting Earth Balance, etc.).  And there's something to be said for browsing easily in a book rather than searching for something in particular online.  It opens you up to all sorts of new cookie possibilities!  Plus, I'm a huge cookie fan, so how could I get rid of such an important resource? 
Well, I'm so glad I kept this book!  Still feeling Scotland withdrawal, I decided to make Scottish shortbread cookies Monday, and fortunately I remembered that there was just such a recipe in the W-S book.  And even better, the only non-vegan item in the recipe was butter.  Thanks to Earth Balance, it was an easy substitution, and the cookies came out perfectly! 
Not only were they incredibly easy to make, they tasted amazing!  I had three straight out of the pan.  Half the batch went to Josh's parents' house when we visited for dinner Tuesday night.  And by mid-day Wednesday the last of the cookies were gone.  I'll definitely be making these again soon.  In fact, the current plan is to whip some up to take to work to share at lunch Tuesday.  Maybe I'll have to make two batches ... one for me, and one for everybody else! 

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