Thursday, September 5, 2013

What to Eat When Your Kitchen's Not Stocked

Between moving, juice-cleansing, and then heading off to the beach, our apartment is pretty spare in the food department right now.  And since we're heading off to Scotland today for a 10-day trip (YAY!), I'm not eager to stock up on a bunch of food that's just going to go bad while we're gone either.  Which means I'm turning to a lot of cupboard food for meals lately ...
Tuesday's lunch was a bowl of Amy's Southwestern Vegetable Soup that I had stashed in my office at work.  Not exactly gourmet, but it was tasty enough and was certainly filling.  It was actually nicely spicy, but could definitely have used more chunks of actual vegetables.  That picture on the can really looks nothing like my bowl here, does it? 
For dinner I decided to use up some of our basil by whipping up some pesto and gnocchi.  The basil plant could really use a trim, and I'm pretty worried that it's just going to die while we're out of town anyway, so I thought I would get one last shot at it in case we come home to a pile of brown dust. 
I blended together basil, pine nuts, Parmela vegan Parmesan, olive oil salt, garlic powder (no fresh garlic even!), and pepper.  Then I tossed the boiled gnocchi with the pesto and some chopped sun dried tomatoes.  This was so delicious you would hardly know it was a desperate meal made from the slim pickings of an under-stocked kitchen!  I'll probably even make it again even when I have other food to choose from!


  1. Looks delicious! Here are a few ways to preserve your basil!

    1. That's great. Got any tips for keeping your plants alive when you're gone for a week and a half? Our current plan is put them on the balcony and hope it rains.