Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Airport Food

Hello, hello!  It's been an incredibly long while since I've blogged.  And catching up is going to take quite a while, so you will have to bear with me as I get all my lovely Scotland food pictures together and organize them into posts.  It will probably take a while to get it all sorted - I'm thinking at least four or five posts to get through it all! 
But before I can get to the actual trip, I wanted to do a quick post on airport food - the food before the vacation actually begins.  A lot of people worry that they won't have options when they find themselves trapped in one location with limited options, but luckily most airports have plenty to offer, and vendors recognize the need to provide something for all sorts of patrons.  At a particularly large airport, this is even more true because they have travelers with different diets from all over the world coming through.  Think Hindus and Jains, Jews who keep kosher, or simply people with food allergies and health restrictions.
For our trip to Scotland I was pretty lucky, because we were flying out of Washington Dulles Airport, which has tons of options available.  And since we arrived dutifully early for our flight, we had time to stop at Potbelly Sandwich Shop for our pre-flight meal - especially necessary since I'd forgotten to order us special meals for the flight.  While Potbelly doesn't offer a specifically vegan sandwich they do make everything right in front of you, so you can get a great meal with only a few modifications to one of their standard offerings. 
I ordered the Mediterranean sandwich minus the feta, which left me with "zippy" hummus, artichoke hearts, cucumbers, and roasted red peppers, then added lettuce, tomato, and hot pepppers.  Yummo!  This sandwich was so amazing, as soon as I finished I wished I had another.  And I would say the hummus really was quite zippy.  I will definitely order this again next time I find myself at Potbelly, whether I'm trapped there or not!

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