Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Our New Favorite Mexican Restaurant?

Last week before heading to the beach Josh and I took the opportunity to explore our new surroundings a bit by going out to dinner.  Unfortunately, the restaurant we picked, Tacos Cinco De Mayo, turned out to be quite far from Silver Spring - in fact, it was about a twenty minute drive. 
It looked like a bit of a dive from the outside, but it was still bright and inviting ... and hey, we'd already driven twenty minutes. 
Fortunately, once we were inside we found a lot of real Mexican patrons, an extensive menu, and ... most importantly ... a salsa bar! 
Another nice touch was that you could see into the kitchen.  It always gives me a better feeling when I can actually see my food being prepared.  And see that there aren't a bunch of cockroaches running around it.  That's one of the main draws of Chipotle and Subway. 
Josh and I each grabbed a few salsas to sample - I went with the hot and the green salsa.  Both were great, but I definitely preferred the green.  That's the one I'll be getting exclusively from now on. 
For my actual dinner I ordered the vegetarian burrito with no cheese or sour cream.  It was gigantic and delicious, with guacamole, beans, lettuce, rice ... everything a good burrito should have.  I added salsa to the top as I ate, which made it even better.  I also sampled a little cheeseless bite of Josh's enchiladas mole - the sauce was amazing! 
Despite the distance, this place will definitely be a keeper in our restaurant repertoir.  But next time we dine out we'll have to exlore a place a little closer to home ...

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