Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Two Weeks Ago Food - Better Late Than Never?

So, what I really need to do is get on a more regular blogging schedule - similar to the one I followed when I first started out (more than a year ago!).  At that point, I managed to blog almost every day, so I could recount the previous day's meals and activities.  But since I haven't been doing that, now I just have to do a dump post where I recount a bunch of meals I ate two weeks ago ... 
For a long while I stared at this box of Archway Cashew Nougat cookies I'd managed to save away at Christmas (I'm like a squirrel ...).  My usual ritual is to eat two (or three) boxes of my favorite cookie of all time at the holidays, then save just one to eat after session ends.  So every time I opened the freezer I would see the deliciousness waiting for me but I'd have to be good and look away.  Until two weeks ago ...  when session was finally over and I dug in and ate the whole box in two days ...  Now I wish I'd frozen two boxes :( 
Around the same time, I received The Godfather on DVD from Netflix (part of my little attempt to watch all 100 of the AFI top 100 movies - I'm around 40 now).  Well, as most of you probably know, The Godfather basically requires you to eat Italian food while you watch it, so I mixed up some quick and easy pasta sauce and enjoyed a big plate of spaghetti with Mr. Brando. 
Making pasta sauce always leaves you with a huge batch, so I froze about half of what I made, then enjoyed the rest later in the week with some delicious Rising Moon artichoke and olive ravioli - notice it's made with soy ricotta.  I loved this stuff before I was vegan, but it was a nice treat to find out it was not just vegetarian (like they advertise on the label), but actually vegan as well :) 
Mid-week at work, with not a whole lot to do, I decided to go out for lunch by stopping by the Whole Foods prepared foods bar.  I always go to Whole Foods hoping the selection is going to look like Wegmans, and I'm always disappointed.  I don't know why I keep going.  On this occasion, there wasn't a lot to choose from and a lot of things weren't marked as to whether they were vegan, so I erred on the side of caution and only grabbed what I knew was safe. I got some marintated mushrooms and a couple of slices of celebration roast.  Neither were very good, and to make matters worse one of them made me pretty sick later in the afternoon.  Maybe I'll finally learn my lesson about the Whole Foods bar ...
Things looked up food-wise on Friday when I joined a friend for a birthday dinner at Paladar Latin Kitchen and Rum Bar.  Since my friend is also vegan, I knew she would be making a great choice for her own birthday dinner, and I wasn't disappointed.  I loaded up on guacamole before dinner, then enjoyed the sweet potato tacos as my entree (minus the aioli).  Of course I also had a few libations to round out my dinner.  It was a celebration, after all. 

Saturday night I tried to steer myself back toward healthier fare by making a tried and true healthy dinner - tofu, broccoli, and edamame with Thai peanut sauce.  Though I often serve this with rice or bean threads, I decided to nix the filler and just serve the stuff with actual nutrition.  Look at all that green.  This dish just screams "healthy", doesn't it? 

Sunday night I headed to Josh's parents' for dinner.  (Remember the lemon coconut bars?)  I headed up there a few hours before dinner so I could walk their dogs and socialize for a bit.  Unfortunately, on my way there I realized that with just a breakfast smoothie in me I wouldn't make it to dinner without a bit more food.  Lucky for me I was passing close to Land of Kush at just that moment and decided to stop in for a delicious side of mac 'n cheese.  It was creamy, cheesy, deliciousness.  Not super healthy, but at least I ordered the small.  And it was definitely enough to tide me over until the tasty pasta dinner Josh's Dad prepared - pasta with cannelini beans, broccoli rabe, sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts, and I'm sure all sorts of other good things too.  Yum yum!

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