Friday, April 4, 2014

Dinners Lately

It's been a long time since I've posted some of my day-to-day eats, so now I have to just lump them all together in one big post ...
Hopefully these meals will show a trend - that I've been trying to make sure that I incorporate more protein and more green veggies into my meals.  This is always easiest at dinner, when I can make my meal at my leisure and then eat it right away, but I'm trying my best to do this at lunch too. 
Of course, sometimes laziness takes over too, and then I try my best to balance everything - sometimes with great success (and sometimes not).  Fortunately, I'd consider this meal of English baked beans on toast with roasted Brussels sprouts a huge winner.  The beans were warm and comforting, but also still full of protein.  And of course Brussels sprouts are one of the all time top green veggies!

Unfortunately I don't think my beloved (fake) bacon, avocado, and tomato sandwiches can really be considered all that healthy.  And does avocado count as a green vegetable?  It's a green fruit at least ...  And the bacon does provide some protein.  Yeah, there's only so far I can stretch that one.  But they're so delicious!  I ended up having two last week ...

And going even further to the dark side was my excessive consumption of vegan brie last week ...  I got a baguette to make this tasty brie, honey, and almond sandwich (lightly toasted, of course).  But then I took things up another notch by finishing the baguette as a brie, apple, and almond sandiwch - soooo good!  I can't promise I won't be having plenty more of those in the future, but I'll try to be good and wait another month or so before I bring back the brie. 
Swinging my dietary pendulum a bit back towards the healthy side, I invented another new favorite - spicy broccoli with sundried tomato cashew cream sauce.  I should probably come up with a shorter name, because I'll definitely be making this recipe a ton.  I made it three times in one week right after I came up with it.  And there's that green vegetable sneaking back into rotation! 
The recipe is so simple too.  Just coat broccoli with olive oil, hot sauce, and salt, and roast for about thirty minutes.  Top with cashew cream sauce (with or without added sundried tomato, I'm sure it would be good either way).  I served this twice with polenta, but one evening I just ate a big bowl of it plain.  Yum yum yum.
Sunday I kept going with the healthy eating plan by trying my hand at making a tofu scramble.  (Maybe an odd choice for dinner, but oh well.)  I followed this recipe, but tweaked the recipe a bit by nixing the broccoli (I'd finished it all with the recipe above).  This wasn't exactly my favorite meal of all time.  The flavors were fine, but I think I messed up with the tofu I used - morinu silken tofu, rather than a "firmer" variety.  It came out too liquidy and with just an all around unpleasant texture.  I'd be willing to give this another shot with a different brand of tofu, but I still doubt it would become a favorite recipe. 
Monday I had to stay late at work - the first time in quite a while.  While I could have just ordered a side salad to be technically healthier, I just couldn't bring myself to have such a horrible meal.  My back still hurt from Sunday and I just wasn't in the mood to exert any kind of willpower.  So I ordered the (pretty much entirely unhealthy) portobello sandwich with fries.  And yes, I ate it all. 
So, it doesn't seem from the meals above that I've stuck with the healthy eating thing all that well, huh?  But I suppose if I just keep returning to the same goals I will still be doing better than if they weren't floating around in the back of my mind.  And if accountability works for exercise, hopefully it will help keeping my healthy eating on track too!

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