Sunday, June 1, 2014

Shopping for Hiking Shorts

I didn't do a lot of the normal Memorial Day activities last weekend.  Though I did manage to get outside to enjoy the weather a bit, I didn't spend the weekend at the beach, at a BBQ, or at a sporting event.  Instead, I decided to turn to another way to honor our fallen heroes ... by shopping.  I trekked out to Wegmans for a few odd grocery items that are hard to find closer to home, including this delicious dragon fruit that I enjoyed Sunday afternoon on the balcony. 
I also headed to the mall, where I was looking for one important clothing item in particular: a pair of hiking shorts with pockets.  For some reason, women's workout clothes rarely have pockets.  And when they do they're barely big enough for a key and maybe a credit card - because we so often feel the need to stop and shop mid-workout.  I don't know about you, but when I workout I like to listen to something, like an audio book or music, and usually do so on my big, clunky iPhone.  It's just not going to fit in a pocket built for a key.  If I'm in the gym this isn't a problem, but when I try to get outside to enjoy a little nature I suddenly find myself in a bit of a bind.  While I've managed to find a few pairs of capris with a little more in the pocket space department, I've always had a hard time finding shorts that fit the bill. 
So with that in mind I hit up the Athleta at the Columbia Mall, thinking they would surely have something to end my pocket woes.  There still weren't a ton of options, but I still managed to find one where I liked the style and that had the pockets I wanted.  The staff even went incredibly out of their way to find the size and color I was looking for - just one left hiding in their backroom.  I bought the Costa in Cerulean Blue, and they're all I'd hoped they would be. 

I've used my new shorts three times in the past week - twice for hiking and once just hitting up the building gym. It's two got huge zipper pockets in the back - ideal for holding an iPhone or valuables like your key or money, plus slash pockets in the front that aren't quite as big, but can still hold an iPhone with it sticking out just a bit - fine for walking, but I'd worry about it falling out of a front pocket if you were running or jumping at all.  Now I'm thinking a pair in Saffron Red might be nice too ...

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