Sunday, June 1, 2014

Easy and Nutritious Pasta Dinner

I love to make cashew cheese sauce to have on hand for occasions when I don't really feel like making a big production of dinner, but still want to make sure I have something that will be satisfying and delicious.  And those occasions seem to happen on an all-too-regular basis.  Fortunately, sometimes even the simplest dishes can be both tasty and nutritious. 
I throw this pasta dinner together on a very regular basis, but still enjoy it every time. 
Kale and Bacon Pasta with Cream Sauce
(serves 2 generously)
2 servings pasta of choice
3 large handfuls of chopped kale
3 strips LiteLife smart bacon
Prepare pasta per package directions.  Chop bacon strips and saute lightly in a pan.  After the bacon has sauteed about three minutes, add chopped kale and toss to combine.  Cover pan and let the kale steam for about three minutes.  Once pasta is finished cooking, drain and add to bacon and kale pan.  Top with cashew cheese sauce and toss everything to combine.  Serve and watch your dinner guests swoon! 

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