Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sun Dried Tomato Cashew Cream Sauce

A while back I made what might possibly be the greatest culinary revelation I've had in months.  And it's so simple!  If you read the title of this post then I've already given it away.  Ready? ... Adding diced sun dried tomatoes to cashew cream sauce!!! 
Like I said, so simple ... but soooo delicious!  I bought a jar of diced sun dried tomatoes packed in oil a while back for making tofu quiche, and for some reason I just noticed it sitting in the fridge and decided to toss some into the sauce mix.  Yep, best ... decision ... ever. 
And fortunately for me I made enough sauce to enjoy my amazing new creation twice in a week.  The first night I made pasta with asparagus and peas.  (Great way to use up some frozen peas too.)  This was my favorite combo of the two.  Plus the addition of a couple of green vegetables makes this otherwise indulgent meal feel just a bit healthier. 
A couple nights later I mixed kale into my pasta for another somewhat-healthy-take on a carb-heavy meal.  This one was also quite tasty, just not quite as good as the asparagus and peas.  Strange, too, because I'm normally such a kale fan.  But I suppose there are better ways to enjoy my kale ... 
So now I may not be able to make just plain cashew cream sauce anymore ...  I might have to make sure I have diced sun dried tomatoes on hand all the time. 

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