Thursday, March 27, 2014

At Home Body Pump

Today is Thursday.  But I'm still feeling sore from Monday's workout.  Seems like the sign of a good workout to me.  So how did I get to this sore but happy point? 
A long time back I took a body pump class thanks to a Groupon, but the class had some issues - bad instructor, poor pacing, etc.  So I didn't give it much thought and didn't seek to attend any more classes.  But after reading Tina's blog about how much she loved body pump (though she's now moved on to her new love, Crossfit), I thought I would give it a shot. 
But rather than pay for a class, I decided I could make up my own routine to go through in the comfort of my apartment's gym.  Someone with a set of light freeweights or even canned goods could even do this workout from their own home!  
My workout was also modified a bit because I didn't have a playlist all set out to follow for the duration of my routine.  Rather than set myself to four-minute exercise increments, I decided to just do 100 reps of each exercise - which actually seems better because you can't slack off!  If you take a rest, you still have to complete all the reps ... so laziness doesn't reduce what you do, it will just take you longer! 
My routine:
5 minute warmup on the elliptical
100 squats holding two 5 lb weights
100 chest presses holding two 4 lb weights
100 bent over rows holding two 4 lb weights
100 tricep extensions holding two 2 lb weights
100 bicep curls holding two 4 lb weights
100 lunges (no added weight)
100 shoulder presses holding two 4 lb weights
100 sit ups (no added weight)
1 minute plank
Yeah, I was incredibly sore Tuesday and even into Wednesday.  And there are still a few minutes that I am "noticing" today.  This routine is definitely a keeper.  And it's so easy to scale up the intensity by upping the weight or increasing reps.  I'm so excited to do this workout again soon!

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