Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring!

It's the first day of Spring!  Not like it's all that easy to tell lately ...

Seriously, what is with the weather lately?!  We've really been seeing global warming at it's finest.
Saturday was beautiful and I went on a big hike along Sligo Creek to enjoy the sunshine.  I suppose it wasn't really a hike since the path was paved the whole way.  I guess it was more of a nature walk. But I walked 4 miles trying to keep up the good pace and my legs were definitely sore the next day.
Nature walk or hike, it was a beautiful way to spend a couple hours on Saturday afternoon.  Unfortunately, these lovely little flowers probably died the next day, because ...
Sunday night and Monday it's snowed a ton!  In fact, it snowed so much I booked a hotel in Annapolis for Sunday evening so that I would be able to get into work Monday morning. (Dedication, huh?  They don't pay me enough for that ...) 
The temperatures stayed freezing Monday and Tuesday, but then Wednesday it poured all day long.  So now the snow's gone but it's still not exactly warm (but it's not too cold either).  There was major fog this morning, but once the sun came out it all burned off and it may actually turn into a pretty nice day.  Now I just have to find an excuse to get outside ....

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