Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Vietnamese Food ... Never Again

In further attempts to explore all the wonderful things Silver Spring has to offer, Josh and I recently (and by recently, I of course mean several weeks ago now - bad blogger!) visited Lotus CafĂ©.  Though neither of us has ever been a fan of Vietnamese cuisine, the restaurant is just a few blocks from our house, and their sign prominently says that they offer vegetarian cuisine.  So we decided we had to give it a shot ... even if all we found out was that it wasn't for us. 
And unfortunately that's exactly what we found out.  The servers were really nice when we asked for recommendations on their favorite vegetarian dishes, though they seemed pretty much flabbergasted that we even wanted to order the vegetarian food - guess that sign is all for show.
We finally decided on the curry tofu and the tofu shiitake stir fried.  Neither of these seemed like particularly inspired dishes, and perhaps that should have been our first tip-off.  The curry tofu was definitely the winner of the two - though it had celery which just about ruined Josh's evening all by itself.  The Tofu shiitake stir fried had almost no flavor, and I'm not even sure if those were shiitake mushrooms.  How do they manage to make a shiitake that slimy? 
Everyone seems to love Vietnamese food so much, we end up trying it pretty regularly, always hoping this one new restaurant will finally show us what it's all about.  But just like all our other forays into Vietnamese food, this one also left us feeling like all we're getting is a really horrible, flavorless version of bad Chinese food.  And who wants to go out of their way to pay for that?  Even though we're both firmly in the "never again" camp, if we give it another five years or so we just might find ourselves trying Vietnamese food again.  But maybe that time will be the difference and we'll love it!  *Fingers crossed*

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