Friday, December 13, 2013

Addis Ababa - the Restaurant (Of Course!)

Back when I first decided to make a real effort to explore Silver Spring I bought a Groupon for Addis Ababa restaurant.  Silver Spring has tons of Ethiopian restaurants, but hey, this one had a Groupon!  Plus it had pretty good reviews and I knew it was close to our place.  In fact, I think we passed about five other Ethiopian restaurants on our way there, and it was only about four blocks away! 
When we got to the restaurant we were really excited to see how vibrant and full the restaurant was.  So full, in fact, that they directed us upstairs to their much less vibrant upstairs addition.  There were a few people upstairs, but the décor left much more to be desired.  Josh got to enjoy sports on a series of giant TVs lining the walls - much more sports bar than Ethiopia-away-from-home upstairs.  But the menu was of course the same, and there was a huge vegetarian section. 
We ordered the combination platter and the vegetarian pea stew with garlic, onions, and jalapenos - basically every item you can possibly get on the vegetarian menu, all piled onto one giant plate to split.  I also ordered a glass of honey wine, which I really enjoyed - it was so sweet you could barely tell it was wine, but I love that kind of thing!  All the food tasted amazing, but our favorites were the lentils, the tomato salsa-like item, and the pea stew.   
Without the Groupon this place would have been a pretty good deal, but with it our meal was an absolute steal!  Some places have Groupons so often you won't bother to go unless you have one.  But while I'll definitely be looking out for more Groupons for Addis Ababa, I'm sure we'll be visiting again soon even if I don't find one. 

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